Steve Bannon and his co-host discuss
beheading Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI
Director Christopher Wray

Enough is enough....

November 5, 2020

The following interview makes anybody who doesn't kiss Trump's ass a target;

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Second term kicks off with firing Wray, firing Fauci.

Now I actually want to go a step farther but I realize the president is a kind-hearted man and a good man. I'd actually like to go back to the old times of Tudor England, I'd put the heads on pikes, right, I'd put them at the two corners of the White House as a warning to federal bureaucrats. You either get with the program or you're gone -- time to stop playing games. blow it all up, put Ric Grenell today as the interim head of the FBI, that'll light them up, right.

JACK MAXEY (CO-HOST): You know what Steve, just yesterday there was the anniversary of the hanging of two Tories in Philadelphia, these were Quaker businessmen who had cohabitated if you will with the British while they were occupying Philadelphia. These people were hung. This is what we used to do to traitors.

BANNON: That's how you won the revolution. No one wants to talk about it. The revolution wasn't some sort of garden party, right? It was a civil war. It was a civil war.

I hope the FBI has Trump enablers like Roger Stone, David Bossie, Steve Banon, Karl Rove, Rudy Guiliani and the Trump brothers under 24/7 surveillance because they have no agenda beyond intimidating their perceived opponents and stealing election 2020.

Next: The Trump playbook is transparent and absolutely illegal.


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